• Classic French

    A timeless look that will never go out of style. The official Chill Zone recommend shades for your french tips.

  • Coconut Cream Tart

    You’ve worked very hard on that body. You’ve followed that strict diet to exhaustion. You deserve a delicious treat, I mean coconut is good for you right?

  • Marshmallows In My Cocoa

    The gentle crackle of the fire is the perfect background music as you snuggle under the blanket, crack open a good book and enjoy some hot cocoa, marshmallows floating on top of course.

  • Sylver Foxx

    They say I’m too reserved. I say I am a woman of a few words. But here’s the thing: when I speak, there’s no sugar-coating anything. I don’t fear speaking my truth. I hope you can handle it.