Ultra Long-Lasting Nail Topcoat

Simply put, our unique formulation is the longest-lasting nail topcoat on the market today. Chill Zone has all the qualities of a gel: high shine and staying power before you change the color, polish or shine of your nails, but with many added benefits.

topcoatChill Zone’s unique blend of lacquer and blended weight polymer components create an innovative combination of properties with fantastic results—extremely long-lasting, comes off with regular nail polish remover, extreme high gloss, and dries quickly.

The exclusive properties in Chill Zone’s all-in-one system give you everything you would expect from a gel without the headaches.

  • The Chill Zone topcoat can be applied at home without any special equipment—no special UV light for curing.
  • Removes with standard nail polish remover. It comes off instantly with little rubbing just as standard polish would.
  • Dries to a high shine. Our special polymers are blended specifically to create depth in the colors on a very glossy, long-lasting finish.
  • No formaldehyde, Toluene or DBP. Chill Zone’s polishes, topcoats and basecoats are all eco-friendly.
  • Dries quickly. Under two minutes with the added benefit of drying all underlying layers. Even when applied over a competitors’ product, it will dry the other layers of polish and basecoat. It is designed to go over wet polish and dry all the layers underneath. This drying process creates a cooling effect that you can actually feel, hence the name Chill Zone.
  • Holds for a very long time. We confidently claim three weeks of shine and protection. In our product testing, people who work with their hands in rugged environments experienced nails with no chips!
  • Equivalent performance to Gel Polish Systems.