• Calling of A Goddess

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    The stars bring such beauty to the night skies. Not seeing enough of them? The goddess of the universe is on a mission. Her mission is to illuminate the night skies. If you do witness even more stars in the coming nights, thank the goddess.

  • Lunar Rebirth

    Everyday is a rebirth. It is not the time for regrets. It is not time to lament past mistakes. I am ready to embark in my journey and live like tomorrow will no longer be promised.

  • Mauve-lous to see you

    Arriving to warm hugs from all the relatives you haven’t seen in awhile at the family get together.

  • Silk Promise

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    I made a promise to wear the silk lingerie I’ve been dreaming of wearing. Well, I look the way I feel, so that promise has been fulfilled. I know my boo will love my new piece of silk, too.

  • Sugar Plum

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    As you sit in the audience with all the other proud parents you cant help but drift back to your ballet debut. Once a sugar plum fairy, always a sugar plum fairy.